Pediatric Allgery Solutions and Optimum Allergy Solutions are the exciting New Clinical Programs for children and adults (Optimum). 

Pediatric Allgery Solutions and Optimum Allergy Solutions are the exciting New Clinical Programs for children and adults (Optimum). 

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Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for millions of patients by

providing the most advanced allergy testing and treatment protocols

available, along with early diagnosis of allergies.


Benefit to Practice There are no costs. In fact, it is a new revenue source.  (Alban does not charge any fees for assisting you in setting up your practice to provide this service.)


  • 60 Million Americans have allergies (30% adults – 40% children)

  • 90% of Asthma is triggered by Allergies (and other diseases)

  • 95% of Americans go untreated (spend $18 Billion annually toonly mask symptoms)


  • Test #1 – Scratch Test (prick back with 40-50 allergens – painful– dangerous – subjective – 30% false positive)

  • Test #2 – ImmunoCAP whole blood (limited to 4-6 allergens per slide – need 27 vials to test for 180 allergens)

  • Treatment #1 – Weekly Injections (time consuming – titrate up 6-9 months to reach maintenance level)

  • Only 16% finish regimen
  • Treatment #2 – Sublingual Drops (unpleasant taste – 60% finish regimen)


Now physicians can safely and quickly test & treat their patients in their office!

As Simple as 1..2..3

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  • Step One – Test

          Fingerstick Microarray Assay. Safe &

          Fast (draw blood vs. inject allergens)

  • Step Two – Prescribe

          Customized prescription for non-food

          allergens based on test results.

  • Step Three – Toothpaste

          Dispense in office a 90-day supply to patients quarterly. Typical regimen lasts 3-5 years,


  • Patients – Saves time & money – quick-easy-safe-convenient testing and treatment

  • Physicians – New Revenue Source – Improved patient relationships

Does insurance pay for this?

Test:  Yes – FDA cleared in 2009.  If the patient has not met their deductible (or if they have no

insurance) they may elect to pay cash.

Toothpaste:  No - Allergens are FDA approved, but since they are delivered via OMIT vs. SCIT, it

is considered “off label use”.  However, patients still save money over paying weekly copays.

Cost of treatment?

Injections – SCIT - Weekly copays.  Average monthly costs $100 - $150

Sublingual Drops – SLIT - Average monthly costs $120 - $150

Allerdent Toothpaste – OMIT - $88 a month (dispensed quarterly – 90-day supply)

Do Patients feel better faster?

Yes – Because delivered directly to the mucosa (safe-effective) by simply brushing the teeth, we

begin the prescription at the maintenance level.  Therefore, many patients feel better within

months.  And, over 85% of patients complete the full regimen (vs. 60% with SLIT and 16% with


Can Physicians make new revenue?

Yes – Most practices have a quarterly check-up and dispense the next 90-day supply of

toothpaste.  The physician has five office visits plus an administrative fee (wholesale price is

$234 – retail price is $264).  30 patients a month generates over $160,000 in new annual

billables ($320,000 2nd year, $480,000 3rd year).

Is the test MACRA compliant?

Yes – The test measures patient outcomes during treatment regimen.  It is Value base Care

compliant.  The average regimen lasts3-5 years; therefore, the average patient receives 4-6


Can the test replace dangerous food challenges?

Yes – Studies have concluded that the test is over 95% accurate (high complex CLIA certified). 

Safely draw 5 drops of blood vs. injecting allergens or concentrated foods into the body.

Is this applicable for all ages?


(This program does not qualify for the new customer 10% discount)

If you would like to receive additional information on adding this

service to your practice, please contact Alban at (314) 772-4114 or

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Simply put, patients can now Brush away their Allergies!